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Off the Record: The Italian Affair Strategy Guide
Rank: 3979
Get tips and hints from our handy Strategy Guide! Follow our crystal clear instructions and helpful tricks to succeed!
Another Case Solved
Rank: 3976
This city is clamping down on candy cravings by outlawing sweet snacks! Solve a series of quirky cases by gathering clues, tracking down witnesses, and questioning suspects to reveal the truth behind this city's sugarcoated secret. This is a case too swee
Mystic Saga
Rank: 3973
Reveal the secrets of the past, find ancient scrolls, and find out about the prophecy ancestors!
Pirates of Black Cove: Sink 'Em All!
Rank: 3969
Sink 'Em All in this action packed top down seadog shooter. Shoot your way through waves of enemy ships with weapons such as the Balls of Steal, Fart Bombs and Homing Missiles!
Pyro Jump
Rank: 3967
Pyro, the little flame, is burning with love for the princess! Leap from one wheel to another and try to catch Princess Paper!
Word Explorer
Rank: 3956
The biggest Word Game on the planet! Collect thousands of photographs around the world with this epic word game!
Rank: 3945
Become the best castle builder! Create a castle accurately and protect it from the annoying baddies!
Rank: 3935
Based on Shanghai Mahjongg solitaire; remove tiles by pairs, but make sure they're both free on the side you're playing.
MahJong Jade Expedition
Rank: 3933
A world of MahJong, where exploring new lands and discovering rare artifacts is just the beginning!
Frutti Freak for Newbies
Rank: 3932
Collect fruit and clean up the jungle by eliminating unhealthy food and stuff.
Beetle Bomp
Rank: 3931
You have never sweated this much playing a puzzle game before!
Rank: 3929
Lose yourself within an enchanted forests in a game that literally puts a new twist on classic Match 3 gameplay.
Rank: 3928
First, the game may seem simple to you, but as you proceed from one level or stage to another you have to contrive intricate ways of handling the situation.
Master of Defense
Rank: 3927
In this real-time strategy game, you are tasked with building towers to defend your citizens.
Rank: 3926
Journey with Helen all over the world and into the unknown in this truly unique experience.
Penguin versus Yeti
Rank: 3924
Race through the arctic to save your penguin friends from yetis in this action-arcade game
The Three Musketeers
Rank: 3923
Help Porthos the Musketeer travel through France in search of his kidnapped companions in this side-scrolling adventure.
Rank: 3922
Defeat evil wizards and break through walls in this intriguing breakout-style game.
Bubble Odyssey
Rank: 3921
Enjoy the bubble bursting fun you've always dreamed of through these 70 exciting levels!
Golden Sub
Rank: 3920
Submerge yourself in puzzling excitement, but don't run out of oxygen.
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