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Rank: 4363
Connect the boxes and reach your targets, the only thing that counts in this game is the final sum. How fast can you calculate?
Lifetime R.S.V.P.
Rank: 4362
A simple but challenging puzzle game where you get the party going with well-planned match-making!
Phantasia II
Rank: 4361
The evil wizard strikes back and puts the fabulous dwarves into a dark prison in his mystery castle.
Smiley Commandos
Rank: 4360
Lead an army of Smileys in exciting new strategy game with 40 various levels to enjoy! Play with your friends, too!
Lighthouse Lunacy
Rank: 4359
Fred`s tired of playing his bosses video games and it`s up to you to help escape the lunacy of the neverending lighthouse.
Primate Panic
Rank: 4355
Two travelers must gather fruit for friendly monkeys and help them escape the clutches of the evil baboon.
King Mania
Rank: 4354
In King Mania you control the different builds with special powers. Use the power to defeat your enemies.
Rank: 4352
Chewsters are little aliens that have come to invade the Earth. Help Captain Don defend the planet from invasion!
Xmas Blox
Rank: 4351
Bring on the holiday cheer with Xmas Blox! Win this Xmas fight with the ice cubes!
Lost Treasures of El Dorado
Rank: 4350
Embark on a quest to help Professor Foster search for his lost love! Look for clues and hidden treasure in this Match 3 adventure.
Rank: 4349
Conquer Proto's enemies by scoring points and collecting items in your journey to rule this Arcade-style universe.
Sheep's Quest
Rank: 4347
Guide a herd of sheep through seven game worlds in an effort to collect enough coins to rebuild their farm.
Miss Teri Tale
Rank: 4346
Play Miss Teri Tale and visit your neighbors` houses to discover their tantalizing hidden secrets.
Spandex Force
Rank: 4345
Fight crime and create your own hero in this hillarious Match 3 puzzle role playing game!
Lex Venture: A Crossword Caper
Rank: 4344
Connect words to collect missing parts of the Letter Machine. Cross out boredom today with Lex Venture: A Crossword Caper!
Zen Fashion
Rank: 4342
Help Hana become Japan`s next big fashion designer by creating fashion combos in this blooming match 3 puzzler.
Rank: 4341
Save the village of TiQal, an ancient Mayan culture, by blasting through 120 explosive levels in this action-puzzler.
Empire of the Gods
Rank: 4338
Become the most powerful Pharaoh by building the largest monuments ever seen in this time-defying Puzzle game.
Elias the Mighty
Rank: 4335
Help Elias the Mighty capture a terrible criminal and save his beloved horse in this Arcade-Puzzle game.
Bloom Busters
Rank: 4333
Help Jimmy and Jessie protect Bloomland by squashing monsters and growing plants in this farm management game.
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