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Clockwork Crokinole
Rank: 4151
Enjoy this classic tabletop game of Crokinole redesigned as an exciting new casual game experience in Clockwork Crokinole!
Rank: 4149
Explore the mysteries of evolution in this addictive puzzle game!
Shannon Tweed's Attack of the Groupies
Rank: 4147
Help Shannon Tweed-Simmons end the groupie invasion, before they get their hands on her man!
Citadel Arcanes
Rank: 4146
Mix, connect, and construct your very own Citadel in Citadel Arcanes! Save your father by restoring the the Healer's Circle!
Rank: 4144
Journey into the world of imagination and recreate sumptuous Japanese woodblock prints by moving the shadows in this innovative puzzle game for players all ages!
Rank: 4141
While doing some fieldwork Charlotte Davis has her soul captured by an evil sorcerer! Help her escape his clutches!
May's Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville
Rank: 4139
Follow May, the intelligent and charismatic girl in her quest to find her brother in this exciting puzzle adventure game!
World Wonderland
Rank: 4128
Alice plans to build a theme park where visitors can enjoy lots of world-famous landmarks. Are you ready to help build her dreamland?
Rank: 4121
Take good care of your Meums! Find the ancient city and restore the harmonic co-existence of all animals living on planet Meotom.
Dream Tale: The Golden Keys
Rank: 4114
Help Julia find Fifo by going through 4 magical worlds in this classic platform game.
Lost Head
Rank: 4113
Life is hard when your noggin won't stay sewn to your shoulders. Just ask Franken-Stitch! Help him reclaim his glorious dome in this physics-based puzzler!
A Moon for the Sky
Rank: 4111
Launch up A Moon for the Sky after the old moon dies! Carefully guide the new moon up into space in this unique Action & Arcade game!
Sticky Linky
Rank: 4110
Match globs to create new creatures in this super wacky puzzle game!
Happy Kingdom
Rank: 4106
Oh, how nice it is to rest from your boring work and to visit the place where you spent your childhood!
Wings of Horus
Rank: 4105
Save the world from the reawakened ancient God of chaos, Apep. His minions are quickly regaining strength and it is up to you to stop his reign.
Wonderland Mahjong
Rank: 4092
Rescue the queen from evil Rasmos and save Wonderland! Conquer 60 mahjong levels with four special friends and helpful mini games!
Frederic: Resurrection of Music
Rank: 4091
Play through ten catchy arrangements of Chopin's greatest classics. Battle your opponents in musical duels!
Demolition Master 3D: Holidays
Rank: 4089
Light the fuse and have a blast in Demolition Master 3D: Holidays, an explosive puzzle game!
Whispers: Revelation
Rank: 4074
Orphaned Lunna can see and speak with spirits, but when a mysterious spirit asks for her help, she must face a challenge she never expected.
But to Paint a Universe
Rank: 4073
Follow the story of a little girl as she struggles to restore a broken sky.
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