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We have an incredible selection of more than 114 highest quality brain teaser pc games on the Internet. Exercise your brain with puzzles, riddles, logic, and matching games. You can find the hottest game releases and all of your favorite brain teaser pc games. No matter what age or skill level, you'll find the best brain teaser pc games in the library.
Rank: 4412
Use your best strategic skills to guide Eets through a land of nonsense.
Monkey's Tower
Rank: 4395
Undo the damage done to the pristine Monkenyan rain forest by successfully stacking fruit tins and outwitting your opponent.
Sheep's Quest
Rank: 4347
Guide a herd of sheep through seven game worlds in an effort to collect enough coins to rebuild their farm.
Crazy Machines: New from the Lab
Rank: 4234
Create Your Own Zany "Rube Goldberg" Devices! Enjoy all-new elements, music, and backgrounds in Crazy Machines: New from the lab!
Munchies' Lunch
Rank: 4212
Lead your family away from the dangerous Hungries who are invading your forest dwelling and become a hero mom!
Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix and Her Nightmare
Rank: 4211
After being sucked into a magical device, Vanessa must work her way through tricky puzzles to return to her home!
Rank: 4144
Journey into the world of imagination and recreate sumptuous Japanese woodblock prints by moving the shadows in this innovative puzzle game for players all ages!
Save the Furries
Rank: 3997
Meet the Furries, adorable, simple-minded creatures who love to travel around space, and help them survive the perils that await them!
Crazy Eggs
Rank: 3875
Match up lovely dinosaur eggs as you help the tyrannosaurus collect lost ones and make your way off.
Rank: 3873
Take a break for some mahjong-style tile matching in this unique puzzle game. Warning: you'll play for hours!
Mirror Mixup
Rank: 3868
Mirror Mixup is the picture puzzle game with a twist. Solve levels by selecting areas of the picture and twisting them!
Zoom Book - The Temple of the Sun
Rank: 3852
Ancient Mayan adventure full of rich artwork, mind-boggling puzzles and a spellbinding, mystery-driven storyline full of suspense!
Sudoku Adventure
Rank: 3845
If you're one of the millions of players who are already hooked, Sudoku Adventure will challenge you in new ways.
Discovering Nature
Rank: 3841
Travel the world and track down a mysterious virus, which is a great threat to the whole animal kingdom.
Nanda's Island
Rank: 3839
Draw or erase magical lines in the air to direct water droplets to thirsty flowers.
Destiny Architect
Rank: 3813
Help a young magician fullfill her destiny by building up structures using magical blocks and logic.
Forgotten Riddles: The Moonlight Sonatas
Rank: 3789
The ghostly figure of Amadeus still graces Godesberg - solve riddles and find hidden objects in the Opera House.
Rooms: The Main Building
Rank: 3785
Arrange rooms like a sliding puzzle - be sure to use the right object at the right time inside this mysterious Mansion with multiple rooms.
Crazy Machines
Rank: 3777
Create the Ultimate Machine with wacky contraptions to solve tricky brain teasers in this 3D Puzzle game.
Wonderland Adventures: Mysteries of Fire Island
Rank: 3762
A new puzzle adventure in the world of Wonderland. Can you uncover the mysteries of Fire Island?
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