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We have an incredible selection of more than 336 highest quality match 3 pc games on the Internet. Match or swap items into groups of 3 or more in wild and colorful settings. You can find the hottest game releases and all of your favorite match 3 pc games. No matter what age or skill level, you'll find the best match 3 pc games in the library.
Rank: 4510
Exercise your intellect in this relaxing Match 3 brain teaser set in the wonder subterranean world of Azkend 2: The World Beneath.
Forrest Gump Match 3 Game
Rank: 4508
Now is your chance to relive the amazing life of Forrest Gump in this exciting puzzle game: Forrest Gump Match 3!
Bounty Special Edition
Rank: 4415
Set sail with Mirabelle in this original pirate-themed puzzle adventure.
Xango Tango
Rank: 4405
Help the amazing Xango find his upgrade parts in this brain-stretching, action-puzzler adventure which guarantees hours of fun.
Rank: 4352
Chewsters are little aliens that have come to invade the Earth. Help Captain Don defend the planet from invasion!
Xmas Blox
Rank: 4351
Bring on the holiday cheer with Xmas Blox! Win this Xmas fight with the ice cubes!
Zen Fashion
Rank: 4342
Help Hana become Japan`s next big fashion designer by creating fashion combos in this blooming match 3 puzzler.
Anne's Dream World
Rank: 4326
Oh, no! The jellies are attacking the village! Help Anne defeat the mean old jellies in this exquisite Match 3 game.
Rank: 4325
Set sail and navigate the tumultuous seas to find the lost Ikibago jewel before your swashbuckling competitors.
Jump Jump Jelly Reactor
Rank: 4324
Help the jiggling Jellies save their precious Jelly Reactor by matching colors and to keep the vile Rockons away.
Fur Ball Frenzy
Rank: 4321
Use powerful lightning traps to capture the invading Furballs as they attempt to gobble up Earth's candy supply.
Tropical Dream: Underwater Odyssey
Rank: 4311
Help Megan dive into the tropical waters and make her dream of underwater photography come true!
Rank: 4297
Grab your gardening tools as lots of flowers require your assistance! Cure diseases and water the seeds to keep the garden happy!
Rank: 4281
Make matches as quickly as you can and then use the money you've earned to bring a barren world back to life in Evoly!
Rank: 4267
Blow up blox in BeachBlox, a fun and exciting puzzle game! Plan two steps ahead as you try to match up similar colors!
Rank: 4260
Visit a magic laboratory, awake the spirits of the elements and solve the Greatest Mystery of Alchemy in Laby, a fun Match 3 game!
Fill Up 2
Rank: 4251
Earn tons of cash in Fill Up 2 by grabbing similar cars as quickly as you can! Use your new found earnings to expand the city!
Burger Battle
Rank: 4247
Help our hero save the princess from King Burger! Defeat your opponent by stuffing them full of your homemade burgers!
Rank: 4149
Explore the mysteries of evolution in this addictive puzzle game!
Citadel Arcanes
Rank: 4146
Mix, connect, and construct your very own Citadel in Citadel Arcanes! Save your father by restoring the the Healer's Circle!
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